The BPE Peak Notification Service

Curtailing your electricity during peak events can help you capture significant cost avoidance on the capacity portion of your electricity bill.  Having the right curtailment strategy for your business and implementing that strategy at the right time is vital to successfully cutting your capacity costs. If not, the process can actually hinder and disrupt your business operations!

The Best Practice Energy Peak Notification Service, offered free-of-charge to our clients, is a team of specialists who help you design a curtailment strategy tailored to your business as well as notify you of incoming peak events.  This service helps our clients save an average of 30% on their capacity costs! 

  1. Customized Curtailment Strategies

    The service works closely with BPE clients to understand their business and design a curtailment strategy that is tailored specifically to their needs and operations. 

  2. Data-backed Peak Event Forecasting

    We look at a wide variety of data including historical peak event tendencies, weather forecasts, temperature trends, and much more to ensure we are telling our clients when to curtail at the precise times. We provide fair warning when we think peaks are coming and will call them off if we see anything that might change the peak.  

  3. Unmatched Expertise

    Our Peak Notification Service team consists of industry veterans who have been forecasting peak events for eons!  Our accuracy is unparalleled in the space as we routinely call for less than half the peak events other brokers' services do, saving our clients time and money. 

Fill out the form to sign up for our Peak Notification Service.  We will reach out to you shortly to discuss the service with you and see if you are a good candidate for peak curtailment.

**Only Best Practice Energy clients are eligible for our Peak Notification Service**

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